Status: Completed Project


Evolving Technology presents a fully automated bus ticket sale process as well as automated fare collection services and sold tickets control (inspection) system. Therefore Evolving Technology Bus Booking System meets the requirements of public transport service providers and other bus operators for an integrated ticketing solution with multiple features like Ticket sale on the bus, automated fare collection, GPS tracking and fleet management, bus ticket sale at the bus stations, web sites and other selling points including the ticket sale agencies.

It consists of many independent modules (sub-systems). Designed by an experienced team and based on the business experience of various customers - bus operators, our ticketing system covers almost every possible operating process of bus operators and bus resellers. Each software part of the Evolving Technology system can work independently, but also can be combined with other software parts in accordance with the specific needs of each client. This makes the system customization as fast and easy as puzzle folding in order to create the best solution for the end-users need.